10 June

Spazzapnea 2023

It was held Saturday, June 10, the fifth edition of Spazzapnea – Operation clean seabed, the national competition for the collection of waste in apnea that, in addition to Marina di Pisa, involved five other Italian locations: Genoa, Rome, Mola di Bari, Ustica and Torre del Greco.

About 100 volunteers were engaged, 60 of which dived in front of Marina di Pisa, collecting about 3 and a half tons of waste, plus 17 bulky for a total of 6 and a half tons of garbage, deposited on the seabed.

At the end of the collection, in a room of the restaurant Étoile at the Port of Pisa, a public meeting with the participation of Umberto Pelizzari, multiple world champion of apnea, was held. Pelizzari retraced his career and revealed the lesser-known aspects of this discipline, that allows you to establish a special relationship with your body and improve personal sensitivity, giving a sense of freedom and lightness.

Simone Tempesti, Administrator of the Port of Pisa, also spoke about the research projects implemented in ten years of activity, for the sustainable development of the marina, Italy’s first plastic-free port since 2019.

The meeting was attended by Giulia Gambini, Councillor for Environmental Policy of the City of Pisa, Marco Redini, Head of the Environment Office of the City of Pisa, Lieutenant Marco Di Benedetto Vascello.

Satisfaction from the organization of the event and the local manager Danilo Cialoni who awarded the winners.

First place went to Cernia (Antonino Marino, Giovanni Speranza, Luca Latronico), second to Sarago (Emerson Motta, Serena Paffi, Fabio Doveri), third to Branzino (Mark Cardillo, Maurizio Brunetti, Barbara Lamioni). Special mention for the team of young athletes under 13, composed of Riccardo Cialoni, Niccolò Pelizzari, Giulio Pelizzari.

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